A World-Class Bank Where Books Draw Interest For Life.

A Brief History

The year was 1966.

Sidney Kluger founded our non-profit organization after he observed the desperate need of public and school libraries for educational materials, especially English literature.

With that simple, selfless act, Book Bank USA was born. Two years later, he donated money to the City of Jerusalem to purchase a bookmobile.

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A Legacy of Charity

From the Haiti Earthquake to Hurricane Katrina.

Book Bank USA has a long history of helping victims of natural disasters.

We’ve donated books, toys, and stuffed animals to help children affected by Tsunami Relief and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to more recent efforts in Haiti after their devastating earthquake in 2010.

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Make a Donation

You can change the life of someone.

Book Bank USA needs your help to keep the books flowing and to help fight the isolation of literacy.

Your tax-deductible contribution can help Book Bank USA contribute our efforts to join together the people of the world through the books they share.

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