Mexican Museum Final Architectural Designs

Andrew M. Kluger, President and Executive Director of Book Bank USA,  is also the Mexican Museum Board Chairman. Born in Mexico City, he said, “The new Mexican Museum, designed by the celebrated Mexican architect Enrique Norten, is reflective of contemporary Mexican design.”

After joining the board five years ago, Mr. Kluger was instrumental in getting the institution’s financial house in order, and is pushing this long-delayed project forward.

He adds, “For 3 years now, I’ve been fortunate to lead the fundraising, work with the Board of Directors, the building committee, the architectural teams and coordinate actions of the legal teams with governmental agencies.

“Now, I’m extremely proud to say that we have a beautiful 60,000 square foot, $40 million construction plan in place and funded. We will break ground this fall and complete this wonderful project that I have had the privilege to bring into reality.”