National Advisory Board

(L to R) Book Bank USA Board Members Sidney Kluger, Judge Leland J. Lazurus and Dr. Gordon L. Fung with thousands of books to be donated to the children of the world so that they can read English literature.

Book Bank USA is proud to have some of your favorite authors on serving on our National Advisory Board.

Read Acceptance Letters of current and deceased Book Bank USA National Advisory Board Authors (PDF)

• Margaret Atwood
• Stephen Birmingham
• Myrna Blyth
• Kirk Douglas
• Mary Furlong
• Neil Gaiman
• C.S. Godshalk
• Julia Glass
• Herbert Gold
• Senator Josh Booth Green, M.D.
• Mollie Katzen
• Nancy Kleinbaum
• Dominque Lapierre
• Alberto Manguel
Guadalupe Rivera Marín

• Sarah May
• Dave McKean
• Marion Mostny
• Paul Muldoon
• Leonardo Nierman
• Steven Ossad
Valerie Ramsey
• Ruth Rendell, Life Peer and CBE
• Gail Sheehy
• Marion Somers, Ph.D.
• Dionne Warwick
• Marianne Williamson
• Jeffrey Winters
• Leonard Wolff
• Theodore Zeldin