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Book Bank USA needs your help to keep the books flowing: to help fight the isolation of illiteracy in all nations. Please send in your tax-deductible contributions now so that Book Bank USA can continue its efforts to join together the peoples of the world through the books they share.

Please print this page, check the appropriate box below, make your tax- deductible check payable to Book Bank USA, then mail it with your form to: Book Bank USA
70 Mitchell Blvd., #106
San Rafael, CA 94903

(415) 479-6000, Ext. 232

__ Friends of North Korea Defector Documentary. Amount: $______ (CLICK “ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO THE SELLER”, THEN TYPE: “FRIENDS OF NKDD”)
__ $100: Books valued at over $500 will be shipped.
__ $250: A shelf of books will be placed in a rural library.
__ $1,000: A specialist will select the best works available in the field of your choice, or supply an entire section of general American literature
__ $5,000: A reading room will be established in a rural library.
__ $10,000: A complete rural library will be established to your specifications.
__ $25,000: A multimedia and computer center will be established in your name.
Or call (415) 479-6000, Ext. 232 to donate books — in excellent condition only.

You Can Also Donate To The Dionne Warwick Arts & Music Endowment Fund For The Purchase Of Musical Instruments, Art Supplies, Teaching Aids, Voice Lessons, and Student Scholarships.
Your tax-deductible gift of $250 of more to Book Bank USA will be acknowledged on our Website and in our Annual Report, but donations of any amount are always welcome. Please choose the amount you wish to donate:
LEADER $1,500+ ADVOCATE $1,000+ PARTNER $500+ PATRON $250+ OTHER

Use PayPal by clicking the Donate button below or type your name and address, then print this page and mail with your check.