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Thank You For Your Support!

Through donations, we accomplish a great deal, including supporting public libraries, educational programs, cultural events and environmental and rescue programs worldwide. Thank you for being our partners in “repairing the world”.


An color-blind friendly illustrated bilingual children’s book with life-changing findings about whales, their poop, and how they help us stay alive! Written by C.V. Monterrubio, illustrated by Alina Galo.

Save the Turtles

We support a sea turtle protection camp in Mismaloya, Jalisco, Mexico by helping them have the tools they need to keep this animal from extinction. 6 out of 7 known sea turtle species reproduce along the Mexican coasts.


A beautifully illustrated, bilingual, double-sided children’s storybook featuring the story of Prima Ballerina of the San Francisco Ballet, Sasha De Sola. Written by C.V. Monterrubio and illustrated by Gabriela García.

Book Bank History

Mildred Kluger in 2010 at a Yemen Orde Youth Village with children affected by war. BBUSA helped build their library and art studio.

About Us

Sidney Kluger founded our nonprofit and publisher organization in 1966 in San Francisco, CA., after he observed the desperate need of public and school libraries for educational materials, especially English literature. With that simple, selfless act, BookBank USA was born. Additionally, we also publish, sell and donate bilingual picture books for children.

Our Mission

TIKKUN OLAM (Hebrew for world repair) has been the center of our mission for over 50 years. Founded initially as a way to establish and resupply public and school libraries, Book Bank USA has also helped victims of natural disasters in the USA and Mexico, vulnerable populations, and supported cultural events and educational materials that bring balance to the human soul.

Worldwide Support

We’ve donated tools, books, and toys to help children affected by Tsunami Relief, by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, to more recent efforts in Haiti after their devastating earthquake in 2010 and the recent deadly Mexico City earthquakes in September 2017. We’re also an important support for The Mexican Museum’s current and new facilities operating in SFO.


Since 2016 we’ve been publishing bilingual picture books for children with stories that share life lessons and meaningful thoughts. It is a proven fact that exposing children to books and literature from an early age greatly benefits their mental and emotional development and expands their creativity. In addition, reading in two languages has been proven to benefit learning skills.

C.V. Monterrubio, the author, has given presentations of these books in bookstores and schools around the SF Bay Area and Mexico City, as well as online.

We aim to help perpetuate the existence of physical books in the digital era, but we’ve developed audiovisual materials of the books so that they can be enjoyed on the go in their digital versions. Visit OUR BOOKS section to learn more, and our BookBankUSA YouTube Channel to see our book videos and readings.

Featured Projects

Help Save the Turtles

Your donation will provide seasonal uniforms (long-sleeved shirts and caps) for the volunteers and tools to help them rescue turtle eggs and place them in safe nest habitats, as well as fuel for the Quad (All-Terrain Vehicle) they use to patrol and transport eggs to the safety of the guarded nests. The cost for 50 uniforms and caps is $400 for each season. Cost of fuel for three months is $1,400.

  • 30%

Raised: $532
Goal: $1,800

On Tiptoes · De Puntitas

A double cover, double story book that narrates the real life and challenges of Prima Ballerina Sasha De Sola from the SF Ballet (up to 2018) and a fictional story of a boy that falls in love with her and ballet. Bilingual picture book for children in English-Spanish. By C.V. Monterrubio, illustrated by Gabriela García.


Help us help out this reforestation project in the South American mountains of Rari, Chile, led by Prof. Bret Rogers and his team. In doing so, more than 2 acres of land will have native trees again.

  • 2%

Raised: $150
Goal: $6,500


“Book Bank USA understands the importance of art, culture and identity. In this sense, the Mexican and Latino Communities in the Bay Area have found in Book Bank USA a non-profit organization engaged with the creation of more spaces, events and initiatives that present the richness and cultural contributions of our communities in the United States.”

Gemi Jose Gonzalez

Consul General of Mexico

“Hawaii is indebted to Book Bank USA. Their vision and diligence have afforded our keiki and kupuna unique educational opportunities through access to a multitude of books.”

Glenn Wakai

Hawai'i State Senator

“The cultural diversity of Mexico is endless, as well as the possibilities and formats for it to be displayed and presented in the Bay Area. As Consul for Cultural Affairs, having an organization such as Book Bank USA as a partner has been essential for the production, promotion and development of activities that showcase Mexico’s cultural creativity.”

Paula Linares

Consul for Cultural Affairs of Mexico

“Thanks to the sponsorship of Bookbank USA, we have been able to produce bilingual books for English-Spanish speaking children to enrich their education, as well as sponsor many life-improving programs for the vulnerable populations in Mexico City.”

C.V. Monterrubio