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Current Projects

Projects You Can Contribute to

Help Save the Turtles

Your donation will provide seasonal uniforms (long-sleeved shirts and caps) for the volunteers and tools to help them rescue turtle eggs and place them in safe nest habitats, as well as fuel for the Quad (All-Terrain Vehicle) they use to patrol and transport eggs to the safety of the guarded nests. The cost for 50 uniforms and caps is $400 for each season. Cost of fuel for three months is $1,400.

  • 30%

Raised: $532
Goal: $1,800


Help us help out this reforestation project in the South American mountains of Rari, Chile, led by Prof. Bret Rogers and his team. In doing so, more than 2 acres of land will have native trees again.

  • 2%

Raised: $150
Goal: $6,500

La Rodadera Library / Museum

Your donation buys books, movies, iPads and computers. Donate $10, $25 or $50.

  • 1%
Raised: $100
Goal: $10,000

Recently Supported Projects


Value of the Donation: $36,000 US per year

During the past three years, BookBank USA has supported the “Germinating Ties” program of Organización de Líderes Altruistas Kintsugi, A.C., a non-profit based in Mexico City. The program began by placing a greenhouse within the walls of two elder-care homes for the less fortunate. Then, the activities consist of giving weekly “urban gardening” classes to them, plus a bi-monthly visit from groups of kids from different foster homes that take workshops with them related to urban gardening, the environment and their physical, emotional and mental health. After three years, the program has proven to be very beneficial for these two vulnerable groups, improving the lives and health of over 200 participants throughout this period.

Basketball Court for foster home kids from Casa Paidi

Value of the Donation: $1,000 US

Helped restore this basketball court for the 30+ foster children living in Casa Paidi in one of Mexico City’s rough corners. Fixed cement floor, wall and paint.

Safety improvements for Paidi Foster Home - September 2019

Value of the Donation: $2,500 US

We’re happy to support the safety of the children to the best of our capacities and with the blessing of your help (our donors). Casa Paidi foster home is located in Mexico City, and it has been victim of several robberies, which endanger the children, staff and property. A good solution to prevent further incidents was to reinforce the protection surrounding the children. Thanks to your kind donations, a safer place was created for these vulnerable children. Thank you!

Greenhouse Donation for Casa de la Divina Providencia - August 2019

Value of the Donation: $2,400 US

In order to improve the results of the “Germinating Ties” program ran in Mexico City with our partner non-profit OLAKAC, there was a need to improve the hand-made orchard and evolve it into a greenhouse like the one donated to Casa Betti. Thanks to the contributions of all our donors and with the match dollar-for-dollar from our CEO Andrew Kluger, the new greenhouse was setup on the month of August. The elders were eager to participate in the setup. The men, despite their age, wanted to shovel and mix the sustrate for the sowing beds, while the women got busy transplanting the new sprouts and watering them. They are very happy and excited to have this new, professional, wheelchair-accesible, protected space that will bring better harvest to their kitchen.

Greenhouse Donation for Casa Betti - October 2018

Value of the Donation: $2,400 US

After the first open urban garden donation to Casa de La Divina Providencia, OLAKAC team gathered enough evidence to rethink the best suited layout for the elders to work. Although the different height sowing tables (suited for accessibility), the garden floor, even with a path, proved to be a discouraging obstacle for many elders who wished to participate. So for their second urban garden installation in another elder assisted living home for ladies called Casa Betti, the donation was upgraded to a classroom-sized greenhouse structure over the cement-patio floor, again with sowing tables with both heights for standing and seated positions but with a much easier-to-navigate floor surface.

Books and Boardgames donation to Paidi Foster Home in Mexico City - October 2018

Value of the Donation: $500 US

After the inauguration of the donated orchard, Dr. Kluger met with the 14 visiting children from Paidi foster home that were participating that day in the Germinating Ties projects (which Bookbank USA helps fund along with your help, thank you). By conversing with them he learned about their interests and goals, and the following week he donated them 14 “El Árbol” book and 14 board / teamplaying games.

“On Tiptoes / De Puntitas” October 2018

Illustrated two-in-one children’s storybook

Value of the Donation: $5,000 US

Catalina Verónica Monterrubio, an acclaimed author, presents together with Book Bank USA a new bilingual two-in-one story book for children ages 5 to 8 y/o, beautifully illustrated by Gabriela García. In it, two stories are narrated: one tells the story of Sasha de Sola, Prima Ballerina of the San Francisco Ballet, from her early years to her present day. The other story, fictional, narrates the story of a boy that sees her dancing as a girl and falls in love with her and with ballet, thus choosing it as a career in hopes of someday dancing together with her. Both stories have a deeper, universal teaching beyond “ballet”, that focuses on overcoming obstacles by focusing on inner strength and perseverance.