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A peach tree narrates its experiences as it grows from a seed to a tree, observing human and animal life around him. Narrated in first person in English and Spanish (bilingual). By C.V. Monterrubio, illustrated by Sadpolka. Edited by Ediciones Patoganso.

On Tiptoes · De Puntitas

A double cover, double story book that narrates the real life and challenges of Prima Ballerina Sasha De Sola from the SF Ballet (up to 2018) and a fictional story of a boy that falls in love with her and ballet. Bilingual English-Spanish. By C.V. Monterrubio, illustrated by Gabriela García. Edited by Ediciones Patoganso.

Do Whales Poop? · ¿Las Ballenas Hacen Popó?

This book provides an incredible answer to a seemingly simple question. Based on recent research from different marine biologists and filled with natural science facts, this fun book will let its readers know just how important whales are for the survival of the ocean and humans alike. Bilingual English-Spanish. By C.V. Monterrubio, illustrated by Alina Galo. Edited by Ediciones Patoganso.