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The Tree or Remembrance of an Inanimate Life

Production Details
  • Measurements: 28 cm by 21 cm (11 in by 8.26 in).
  • Texts in English and Spanish.
  • The book is designed in hardcover.
  • Printed in sustainable paper.
  • ISBN 978-607-29-0221-3

Production of this book sponsored by

Headed by Chairman Andrew Kluger, an American Non-Profit founded in 1966 that among other things promotes books as educational and cultural objects.


Mexico City – based editorial headed by Mexican graphic designer Tania Pineda, it specializes in high-end book editions and productions.


Mexican writer; this is her third published title and her first bilingual book.


Mexican graphic designer and illustrator; this is her first hardcover illustrated book.

  • Off-green palettes offer a different perspective on “tree colors”.
  • Pencil drafts were digitalized for coloring and mixed with scanned textured papers to create unique backgrounds.
  • Features three double-page illustrations.

Bookbank USA sponsored the bilingual edition of this illustrated story book, originally written in Spanish and published by the author, C.V. Monterrubio and Ediciones Patoganso. It’s a narrative of the perspective of a peach tree, growing up from a seed into a tree and atesting to his surroundings, particulary following the visits of the boy who planted him.

“Maybe the most significant dimension in life is the one that defines it as a cycle. The value of each of the elements that conform it rests in its finiteness. How can we not appreciate each fruit, each love and each experience, when its essence consists precisely in the fact that at some point they will give way to new days, new cycles, new lives?

This wonderful tale reveals this fundamental idea that places us gently in the wisest of truths: life is a finite present, but loaded with memories and invaluable longings.”

Back cover text by Tania Pineda, editor, ©2015